Tsitalia – Pirgoudi – Peleta

After an uphill journey of about 10 kilometers south of Leonidion, we reach Tsitalia. From Tsitalia southward extends a large plateau with scattered villages at altitudes of 600 to 700 meters. First comes the Pirgoudi then Amigdalia, Peleta and Houni. Typical landscape is shaped by the firm but gentle human use for centuries. The most common samples are small crops and fruit trees scattered around the settlements, while extensive goat livestock is present almost everywhere. Very characteristic are the levels in the land retained by stone walls. The once extensive vineyards in Astros are kept today in Peleta and surrounding villages.
Rare elements of the natural environment across Greece are the residual mature oaks that are scattered upon the village of Amigdalia. Mature oak trees are also maintained near settlements of Tsitalia as fodder and shelter for domestic animals. The large perennial oaks and other oak species such as Quercus which are now very rare are also of great ecological importance. They are important as biodiversity lands since they provide food and present a habitat for hundreds of organisms, plants and animals.


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