Gorge Dafnona

Approximately one kilometre west of Leonidio the torrent rivers of Dafonona start to form a gorge. As the road climbs to the monastery of Elona the steep cliffs of limestone rise up while imposing gorge deepens. The gorge Dafnona which was a result of  water eroding and transforming of limestone over millions of years, is not only distinguished for its outstanding natural beauty but it also stands out because  of its rare habitat that hosts numerous special plants. Many of those plants are very interesting because they are rare and have very small populations. Other endemic species are widely spread and they grow on vertical side of rocks taking advantage of any favourable position. The value of flora that host the gorge Dafnona and the need of protecting it resulted in the insertion of that region in the protected network Natura 2000. The main habitat types within the protected area are evergreen forests and scrubs of the thermo-Mediterranean zone, the riparian vegetation with trees, vegetation of limestone cliffs and steep slopes.


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