After the monastery of Elona, the road climbs to 900 feet and crosses the plateau of the village Kosmas. Kosmas is a village, situated at an altitude of 1150 meters above the Parnonas, close to the borders of Laconia prefecture. The village is surrounded by forests of tall firs and chestnut.  It is characterized by large cobbled square shaded by plane trees, and by the abundant water flowing constantly from the fountains. In the centre of the square stands the church of St. Anargiron. Historically it first appeared in 1592 AD, when the name Agios Kosmas, referred to the letter of the bishop of Monemvasia Gennadiou. There was a significant contribution of the village in 1821 and in the resistance against the Italians and the Germans during the occupation from 1941 to 1944.  During the retaliation the village was burned, and during the civil war it was ravaged and abandoned. A few years later the village was rebuilt and reoccupied.

In winter Kosmas has few inhabitants. Most residents spent their winters in Geraki and Vrontama in Laconia, but in the summer they go back.


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