The town of Leonidio is built under Parnonas Mountain on the sea coast of Myrtoou. As a centre of Tsakonia and the capital of Kynourias for the last two centuries, the city got its name from the church of St. Leonidas. The town is closely connected with the sea throughout its historical path. Since the area is isolated by the mountains and there is a small portion of cultivable land the inhabitants turned early to the seaway.  As soon as the residents were engaged in navy there was a significant rise in wealth and culture. Some of the samples of economic prosperity are two and three storey mansions and towers that were built before 1800 and neoclassical mansions of the mid 19th century. The town of Leonidio has been declared as traditional settlement in order to protect the architectural heritage. In recent years the customs of Easter and summer festivities have attracted many tourists.



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