The Vaskina is located on a plateau, 15km northwest of Leonidio. It consists of two villages, Upper and Lower Vaskina, built at an altitude of 800meters.The road from Leonidio to the plateau of Vaskina is upward and sinuous as it passes between the Tsakonian Rocks. Today Vaskina has few permanent residents, mostly farmers, who keep pens and sheepfolds for breeding goats.

The settlement is surrounded by pasture land and abandoned fields in steps with stone walls. The extensive grazing and phrygana present an ideal place for beekeeping activity and production of high quality honey from thyme that grows along with plenty other herbs.The abandonment of the region in recent decades has resulted in a change of land use .Recently, the image of the landscape has changed dramatically by giving dozens of hectares for installing solar panels (photovoltaic modules).


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