Planning of the Program

The design and implementation of an education week within transnational project PARKS PROTECTION II – “Management, Protection, Economic Development and Protected Areas”, was held in Northumberland, England. Northumberland is the England’s most northerly county and it is a designated area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (A.O.N.B.)

The Northumberland coast is characterized by high levels of biodiversity and long presence of human activities. As a result, natural ecosystems along the Northumberland shore have evolved together with traditional patterns of coastal and land use, culture and economy. The main threats for the Northumberland Shore ecosystems are non- sustainable development and visitor pressure.

The goal of the international education week in Northumberland was the presentation of the coastal habits the impact and influence of people upon the Northumberland coastline. The program also contained the background for flora and fauna, history and heritage of the Northumberland coast and challenges in maintaining the sustainability of the visitor offer.

The Northumberland Educational Week “History, Heritage, Environment” was a presentation of the North Northumberland Shore between Lindisfarne (Holy Island) and Druridge Bay, in a comprehensive way. For this purpose filed courses and sessions were provided by experts in visitor management, heritage interpretation and natural history.

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