Participants Challenge

How to interpret Holy Island of Lindisfarne?
The challenge: To present a holistic view of the island and focus on a range of issues .
Participants were divided into three teams from each region LEADER ( England , Greece , Latvia)
They discussed the history , culture, landscape , topography and economic opportunities.
The following sites have been proposed as useful:
The presentations will be used to create new interpretive paths around Holy Island and the result will strengthen cooperation with the LEADER program for the preparation of projects on Holy Island.

Group 1

  • Extending parking for cars and coaches
  • The different paths to promote nature and social history
  • Defining the target audiences
  • The use of legislation to ban cars in the village

Group 2

  • Need to highlight the various reasons which bring tourists to Holy Island
  • There are peak seasons issues with regards to people and traffic
  • To highlight the sensitivities of Nature Reserve
  • The parking promotes a negative image to visitors

Group 3

  • Merge coach park with main car park
  • Local volunteers could help visitors
  • Stronger regional associations to encourage visitors
  • Determining the information center that could create employment opportunities for residents
  • Workshops for parents and children
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