Strategy to improve the management and conservation of the region Vision (30 years from today) “A sustainable landscape, where the society is enjoying quality of life and well being by living in harmony with the natural, cultural and historical environment. Biodiversity, culture and traditions are conserved in the best possible way. Parnonas act as a […]

The educational week started with a session of short lectures that occupied the first morning. An introduction of the participants and the experts opened the session, together with a discussion on the expectations the participants had from this educational week and the methodology that would be followed. Short introductory lectures followed, introducing terms, such as […]

Field session I Monday 8th July Afternoon excursion to Elona Gorge (Natura 2000 site) The aim was to get the participants familiar with the area’s landscape and scenery, the flora and habitat types. Reference was made to the protection status (Natura 2000 site of Elona gorge) and the importance of endemic plant Taxa. Field session […]

Thumbnails from the educational week in Greece          

Within the context of the transnational project “Parks Protection II- Management, Protection and Economic development of Protected Areas that is managed by the “Regional Development Company of Parnonas” the design and the implementation of an international education week in Greece was assigned to a group of experts. The goal of implementing the international education week […]

Biodiversity elements Landscape: sea, cliffs, gorges, plateau, riverbeds, peaks Wildflora: cliff plants, endemic plant taxa, medical plants, edible plants, aromatic plants Forests: black pine, Greek fir, Syrian juniper, chestnut, oaks, walnuts Phyrgana, Maquis Monumental trees Fresh water courses: streams Cultivated and local plants: olive grooves, carrot grooves, eggplant Wetland: reedbeds, waterfowls, waders, fish, turtles, amphibians […]