The ancient “Prasies” or “Vrasiai” was a former settlement of Leonidio. From the location of the ancient Prasies passes and climbs spirally, the road that leads to the Tsitalia. The location on the hill offers a panoramic view of the valley of Leonidion and the settlement itself is located NW beneath the imposing Tsakonian Cliff. […]

The historic settlement of Kastanitsa is built on the NE slopes of Parnona at an altitude of 840 meters. According to the existing written evidence Kastanitsa is the oldest village of Tsakonia while Tsakonian dialect is still used today by the older residents. It is characterized by traditional village with unique architecture dominated by limestone […]

The mount Parnon is covered throughout entire mountainous zone with tall forests of Mediterranean conifers such as fir (Abies cephalonica) and black pine (Pinus nigra).Among them we can also find Juniper drupecea. These species form pure or mixed stands of an altitude of 700 meters up to the timber line located at about 1700 meters. […]

Agios Petros (Saint Peter) appears on the slopes of Parnonas just a few kilometers after Malevis monastery. It is a traditional village with an altitude of 940 meters, known as a popular tourist destination. Many pilgrims and climbers pass daily from the village. The settlement is characterized by well-preserved stone houses and the main church […]

In the area of monastery Malevis we can find the unique forests of Juniper drupacea in Europe. The Juniper, also called Syrian drypodis is small conical tree that can reach a height of up to 20 meters. It is characterized by very large wrists with a diameter of 2.5 cm. These kinds of trees are […]

Following the road from Mountain Meligou to Saint Peter and, after passing St. John, the Holy Monastery of Panagia Malevis raises on the left side of road, built in the woods of Juniperus drupacea. The monastery is one of the oldest at Parnonas and the most famous. It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and […]

In the mountains area of Parnonas, landscape is forming an interesting mosaic characterized by alternations of scrub forest vegetation with pasture, crops and abandoned farmland with hedges. The variety of habitats occurring in this complex and with many interstices, creates ideal conditions for living and reproducing dozens of species of fauna and flora, and therefore […]

Walking from Astros up to Parnonas, through the narrow mountain roads, we encounter the mountainous Meligou. Nowadays the village is deserted in winter and few residents gather during the summer for vacations.

Just 4 miles from the sea, lies the town of Astros. With a population of about 3,000 inhabitants it is the center of the Northern Kynourias and capital of the municipality. The settlement is surrounded by olive groves and stretches around the fertile and extensive plain. The production and processing of agricultural products and especially […]

The Lake Meligkou better known as Lake Moustou is situated southeast of Astros on the left side of road that goes to the village Neohori. Actually, it is a wetland system consisting of two lakes, Lake Moustos and a smaller, Lake Cherronissos. . It is located in the center of the bay of Astros, behind […]