Organizing educational weeks

The main phase of the project included delivery of three educational weeks. The broad outlines of the individual educational weeks are given below:

1.1 English Educational Week

  •  Coastal and Marine Biology, types of habitats, protection of biodiversity
  •  Ecology of Landscape: uses of land, landscape scale managment
  •  Enviromental guides: training methods for investigation and interprtation of nature for children, youth and adults
  •  Wildlife: endangered species, preservation of fauna and habitats
  •  Managment and eco- development of protected areas

1.2 Greek Educational week

  •  Forest Botany: rare flora, types of habitats, protection of biodiversity
  •  Ecology of landscape: Mediterranean landscape, uses of land
  •  Wildlife: endangered species, preservation of fauna and habitats
  •  Managment and eco-development of protected areas

1.3 Latvian Educational week

  •  Forest Botany: types of habitats, rare flora, protection of biodiversity
  •  Enviromental guides: training methods for the investigation of nature for children and youths
  •  Wildlife: endangered species
  •  Managment and eco-development of protected area

1.4 Toolbox: Tools , Guides, Maps material on Implementation of the Educational Weeks

1.5 Dissemination and Evaluation of the Program

The Educational Weeks were aimed at all levels of education , from students of high school to graduate students and employees who manage environmental oraganizations as well as the scientists of the environment, in general.

1.6 Benefits

The benefits resulting from implementation of the Park Protection II Project concerned both the project’s participants and each participating area.
The benefits are estimated as follows:
With the regard to the network of Protected Areas , demonstrating the use of good practice in:

  •  Handling of developmental issues
  •  Protection of natural ecosystems
  •  Development of educational programs
  •  Elongation of tourist season
  •  Strengthtening local enterpreneurs
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