Agios Petros

Agios Petros (Saint Peter) appears on the slopes of Parnonas just a few kilometers after Malevis monastery. It is a traditional village with an altitude of 940 meters, known as a popular tourist destination. Many pilgrims and climbers pass daily from the village. The settlement is characterized by well-preserved stone houses and the main church of the Apostles Peter and Paul that stands between them. The tower houses of the village, such as the Tower Trikaliti, are of particular interest with loopholes dating back from the 18th century.
The landscape around the village of Agios Petros is quite different than the surrounding area. Because of the soil conditions and the human influence we can find extensions of tall broadleaf forests like firs and pines. We can also find deciduous trees such as chestnut, cherry, trees, shells and poplar that give a different tone to the landscape depending on the season.
In Agios Petros there is an Environmental Information Center that has thematic field for endemic and rare species of flora and fauna with main emphasis on the mountainous part.


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