The mountainous forest

The mount Parnon is covered throughout entire mountainous zone with tall forests of Mediterranean conifers such as fir (Abies cephalonica) and black pine (Pinus nigra).Among them we can also find Juniper drupecea. These species form pure or mixed stands of an altitude of 700 meters up to the timber line located at about 1700 meters. From there on the pseudo-alpine zone extends over the bare trees. Then the black pine occurs and prevails mainly in the northwest of the mountain. Towards the south it gradually vacates its position to Abies cephalonica forming the intermediate extensive mixed stands. The two types of habitats – forests Abies cephalonica and Pinus nigra – are particularly important for Greece. The Abies cephalonicais  species are endemic, while the forests of Pinus nigra are a priority habitat for the European Union.



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