The historic settlement of Kastanitsa is built on the NE slopes of Parnona at an altitude of 840 meters. According to the existing written evidence Kastanitsa is the oldest village of Tsakonia while Tsakonian dialect is still used today by the older residents. It is characterized by traditional village with unique architecture dominated by limestone slabs. The village is surrounded by a large forest of chestnut (Castanea sativa) grown for the production of chestnuts. The forest of Kastanitsa has large dimension mature trees and with an area of 4,500 acres is the largest chestnut forest in Parnona. Minor clusters of chestnut can be also find around settlements Agios Petros and Cosmas. In Kastanitsa the EnvironmentalInformationCenter is in fuction for the use of forest and mountain ecosystems by humans.


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