The ancient Prasies and the valley of Leonidio

The ancient “Prasies” or “Vrasiai” was a former settlement of Leonidio. From the location of the ancient Prasies passes and climbs spirally, the road that leads to the Tsitalia. The location on the hill offers a panoramic view of the valley of Leonidion and the settlement itself is located NW beneath the imposing Tsakonian Cliff. This image of the fertile valley shows that the main economic activity of the inhabitants is agriculture. It is 4,500 acres of highly productive land planted with olives, citrus, and mostly vegetables, many of them in greenhouses. The cultivation of Tsakonian eggplant dominates because of its special and characteristic sweet taste, which has been classified as PDO and has been identified genetically. The tomato is also one of the most common crops of the valley, while others are minor such as: lettuce, squash, beans, peppers.


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