Planning of the Program

Within the context of the transnational project “Parks Protection II- Management, Protection and Economic development of Protected Areas that is managed by the “Regional Development Company of Parnonas” the design and the implementation of an international education week in Greece was assigned to a group of experts.

The goal of implementing the international education week was the presentation of a typical Mediterranean mountainous area Parnonas National Park, in the most comprehensive way. For this purpose a training program was designed combining lectures and traditional class- teaching with experiential contact in the field.

The program aimed initially to connect the learners with the natural settings and the elements of the environment. Then, it focused on how humans traditionally use the natural environment. The program concluded with a reference to contemporary problems and challenges facing the region and the Mediterranean, in general. The Educational week was a useful and exciting experience for the participants where they were able to evaluate and balance the economic needs with the availability of natural resources and their synthesis in a functional complex landscape.

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