A few words about the application

Parnonas, a limestone mountain range in the southeastern part of the Peloponnese, with dense forest cover, native plants and unique juniper forests, occupies a special place among the mountains of Greece. In the eastern portion it extends to Tsakonia, rocky place covered with brushwood and scrub oak. The region, with particular Tsakonian dialect, and remarkable architecture and cultural tradition for centuries remained isolated from its neighbors because of the terrain. The prehistoric, classical and Byzantine antiquities along with the new monuments testify uninterrupted human presence and complement the overall appearance of the area. The combination of mountain and sea, the diversity of vegetation and impressive gorges with rock slopes create one of the most representative and attractive landscapes in the Mediterranean.

The knowledge and understanding of environmental, cultural and socio-economic parameters, with experiential way through a five-day trek in the Parnonas, were the subject of trans-national education week “International Education Week – Acquaintance with Oro-Mediterranean Landscape” held under the program “ PARKS PROTECTION II – Management, Protection and Economic Development in Protected Areas “.

Understanding the complexity of the Mediterranean landscape and the interpretation of its parts came from the combination of information and acquiring experience during tours and excursions. Parnonas and the surrounding area of Leonidion present the ideal scenery for his type of educational process, as they provide easy access to many unique elements and nature, culture, history, tradition and economic activities.

The ” Excursions in Parnona” presented below were selected according to the above considerations and were the main axes of identification and interpretation of the environment during the training week.

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