Aims and objectives

The purpose of the project was development of economic activities through educational tourism in major protected areas of natural environment.

Objectives of the project

  • The utilization of the natural and anthropogenic environment
  • Upgrading of existing infrastructures and their protection, employment opportunities and economic growth through educational tourism
  • To highlight the value of natural ecosystems, as a biologic reserve and as an economic good
  • To highlight the value of networks in environmental protection

Training program helped in each region separately, to strengthen economic activity and awareness of the local community about the state of the natural environment, while guaranteeing disclosure of the value of protected areas.

The project strategy concerned actions such as the creation of training materials , the implementation of one education week per region , the diffusion of the results and the benefits of the project , as well as its evaluation.
More specifically, the environmental workshop that was designed, addressed students, graduate schools, graduate, PhD’s, and executives managing bodies of environmental organizations and environment scientists in general.

In each area 1 to 3 educational paths were designed that “have something to say” about the nature and culture. More specifically, the aim was to develop the courseware through recording and mapping the biodiversity of the area, use and ecology of the landscape. These routes incurred the most important habitats in each region, and with the help of modern recording they have captured the important features of the region. The package was accompanied by photographic documentation and PowerPoint presentation format which could be used by any scientist.

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