Awards and publications

Distinction in European Bilateral Cooperation Development- LEADER Parnona

Transnational cooperation Project “PARKS PROTECTION II – Management, Protection and Economic Development in Protected Areas” was chosen to appear on the European Network for Rural Development (E.D.A.A. / E.N.R.D.) as an example of good practice.

As part of this cooperation, the Greek educational week titled “Getting to Oro-Mediterranean Landscape” was held in Leonidion, Arcadia from 4th to 13th of July ,2013. Fifteen students attended the training week, from each participating country: Latvia (“Dobele District Rural Partnership”), England (“NorthumberlandCoast and Lowlands”) and Greece (Development agency of Parnonas). The students had the opportunity to understand the relationship between biodiversity and land use by humans and to observe the interaction. In addition to the scientific presentations, the students participated in group field work, which was carried out at important conservation areas of Parnona. The training week was an exciting and useful experience for its participants.

The E.N.R.D. provides broad support for rural development agencies and informs the policy debate on the EU rural development by projecting examples of successful development projects throughout the European Union and by promoting transnational cooperation (CBC) between Local Action Groups (LAGs).

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