How to interpret Holy Island of Lindisfarne? The challenge: To present a holistic view of the island and focus on a range of issues . Participants were divided into three teams from each region LEADER ( England , Greece , Latvia) They discussed the history , culture, landscape , topography and economic opportunities. The following […]

Thumbnails from the educational week in England              

Northumberland Educational Week “History, Heritage, Environment” was the presentation of the North Northumberland Shore between Lindisfarne (Holy Island) and Druridge Bay, in a comprehensive way. For this purpose field courses and sessions that provided a view to shoreline, landscape and traditional land uses were combined with sessions given by experts in visitor management, heritage interpretation, […]

The design and implementation of an education week within transnational project PARKS PROTECTION II – “Management, Protection, Economic Development and Protected Areas”, was held in Northumberland, England. Northumberland is the England’s most northerly county and it is a designated area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (A.O.N.B.) The Northumberland coast is characterized by high levels of biodiversity […]