Educational guide

The application “Excursion in Parnona” is intended, among other, to help students and teachers to organize a tour throughout mountain of Parnonas. The material presented in the application aims to trigger a more detailed and thorough search of the value and characteristics of the place. The emphasis could be given to the rich natural environment that Parnonas has but also to human and cultural factors that give identity and highlight the uniqueness of the area. The texts of the data paths chosen for presentation are the most representative for the biodiversity, aesthetic value of the area and human activities that shaped the landscape for centuries.

Scheduling Tour acquaintance

The acquaintance with Parnonas could be developed as planning and conducting tours – tours exploration. Students will have the opportunity to find experiential data and descriptions contained in the map application and other sources of information (e.g. information centers).

During the trip the children are suggested to find themselves the interesting elements of the environment by observing, recording, and photographing or asking locals or experts (Management Body, Information centers etc).

The objectives of the paths are:

• to learn about and observe closely the natural environment
• to become familiar with scientific terms that describe the environment
• to experience the history and culture of the place throughout the tours in traditional villages and monasteries
• to practice spatial orientation based on the chart and photographic imprint

The students should be equipped with maps, binoculars, cameras, camcorders and notebooks. In this way they will distinguish and record important or focal points in their tracks. At the same time they would be guided by the instructor to connect the landmarks together and to observe the unity and the diversity in nature and specific cultural landscape features. Describing the intermediate environment in this way will enable the children to create and carry on in the class a single image that corresponds to the reality.

The tracks included in the application could serve as an example for designing similar paths in other places.

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