General instructions and prerequisites

In order to organise educational week you need to collect adequate info, maps and material on each area. Therefore, you have to explore the nature. All natural environments have different climate conditions. When going into the outdoors it is your responsibility to have the proper knowledge, experience, and equipment to travel safely. You may need different equipment for specific activities, ecosystems or to properly deal with your own body metabolism.

To avoid unpleasant situations please follow the instructions:


The clothing layers should consist of several different types of fabrics. Cotton should be avoided in cold conditions. Cotton absorbs and retains water, and therefore it will not keep you warm if it gets wet. Also it can be difficult to dry. Polypropylene or other synthetic fabrics move the moisture (sweat) away from your body keeping you dry and comfortable. Wool fabrics don’t absorb water so they keep you warm even if they get wet. Nylon reduces convective heat loss. For raingear, coated nylon is lightweight and works well.

In a warm weather conditions choose lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing. In the hot sun, a hat and sunscreen is helpful. Wear light, loose-wicking clothing so sweat can evaporate. Better yet, invest in some clothes made with polypropylene. These fibres have tiny channels that wick the moisture from your skin to the outer layer of the clothing where it can evaporate more easily.


Hiking shoes light and flexible


  • Wool/Pile Hat( for cold weather)
  • Brimmed hat( for sun protection)
  • Sunglasses (for sun protection)


  • Synthetic/Wool Glove liners (for cold weather)


  • Backpack
  • Maps
  • Head torch with spare batteries
  • Water 1.5L at least, food
  • Compass, whistle
  • Mobile phone with spare battery and radio
  • Personal pharmacy – personal hygiene
  • Bag for waste disposal
  • First aid kit

Ιn the warm weather conditions we should drink the right amount of fluids, and always use sunscreens to avoid sunburn.

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