Evergreen species: Trees and shrubs that have leaves all year round.

Salt marshes: Marshes near the sea with salty water, seawater or brackish.

Dunes: Low height hills of sand created by the wind effect (in Greece they could be found on sandy shores) and divided into moving, changing shape and direction due to wind.

Biodiversity: The whole variety of organisms in an ecosystem or a place (they are distinguished as genetic diversity, species diversity and diversity in habitats.)

Treeline: The forests that grow on the mountain in the higher elevation area. Above the treeline forests does not grow because of unfavorable weather conditions.

Network Natura 2000: Network of protected areas established in the countries – members of European Union, for the conservation of natural habitats wild fauna and native flora. The Natura 2000 network is provided by the EU Directive 92/43/EEC. The Greece, under European law, is obliged to take measures to protect the areas belonging to the network Natura.

Endemic species: A kind of species that spread limitedly within the boundaries of a particular area.

Habitat: The area in which every living organism can live permanently or transiently.

Epiphyte: A plant that uses another plant for development and support, usually a tree or bush.

Parasites: Plant whose roots absorb water and minerals from another plant. The parasites have leaves with chlorophyll and photosynthesis.

Reeds: Reed beds are a natural type of vegetation in wetlands, flooded soils and estuaries. Characterized by uniformity, and due to their domination in large areas there is an abundance of other species.

Ecosystem: All living organisms in the specific area interplay between each other and with the environment.

Habitat: Terrestrial or aquatic areas characterized by specific vegetation type and / or specific biotic and non biotic characteristics. The Directive 92/43/EEC was also named as “The Habitats Directive” because it refers to the natural habitats that are endangered or they have a limited geographic distribution. The habitat types in danger of disappearance are considered priority habitats and European Union and their members have a special responsibility for maintaining them.

Fauna: All kinds of animals living in an area.

PDO – Protected Designation of Origin: The name that identifies a product, which originates from a particular region, whose quality and characteristics are essential or exclusive due to a particular geographical environment and the production of such product takes place in defined geographical area.

Chasmophytes: Plants growing in crevices of steep rocks. They are included among the rare and endemic species.

Torrentrivers: small irregular rivers that runoff during the year.

Flora: The set of plant species growing in an area.

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