Northumberland Coast and Lowlands LEADER, England

Northumberland Coast and Lowlands LEADER has a Local Action Group (LAG) made up of public and private partners from the rural territory, including representatives from different socio-economic sectors. The LAG plays an important role in encouraging innovative responses to old and new rural problems and helps to build local capabilities.




Regional Development Company of Parnonas, Greece

Development Agency SA Parnonas has for a main purpose economic and cultural development of the area Parnona. The main areas of activity of the company are related to rural development, protection and management of the natural environment and the implementation of social policy actions.




Dobele District Rural Partnership, Latvia

Dobele District Rural Partnership was founded in 2005 with the aim to promote initiative of the society civic partnership thus fostering sustainable development of rural area. The main areas of activity are: to represent interests of rural area development on different levels and institutions; to attract financial, material and human resources, to educate and inform people on rural area development issues

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